Native prey is officially out!

A short film by Jack Caron and Taekyu Yang from the school of visual art class 2014.

“Native Prey” is the survival story of Eldan, a traveler who returns to his planet to find it dangerously altered after his time in space.

Eldan returns to his planet to find it dilapidated and overwhelmed with sediment and desolation, but not empty. A large flying beast stalks the skies above. Eldan flips the hunter/hunted roles and sets out to take down the creature. Ascending the stairs of a towering building, he gains the upper ground and must time his attack perfectly. He leaps from the roof, striking the unsuspecting beast with his spear and riding it to the ground. After the dust settles and he collects his spear, he soon discovers his survival story has just begun..


Director: Jack Caron Technical Director: Taekyu Yang

Thesis Advisor: Seth Gollub
Original Score: Rene Veron Voice Acting: Mercer Morrison
Additional Animation: Montaque Ruffin / Nick Manfredi / Olu Ogunye Jr. / Liz Martin
Additional Compositing: Mikhael Villegas

Special Thanks
John Macintosh
Shayne Ryan
Boaz Livny
Alex Cheparev
Santosh Sailesh
Daniel Letarte
Clay Holley
Richard Hagan
Brian Frey
Jimmy Calhoun
Jon Lin
Allen Frechette
Kevin Edzenga
Gene Kim
Lauren Caron
Robert & Judith Gries


Vector displacement map test

Here are some test images of vector displacement map test. With UDIM, displacement map can be a bit challenge to work with. But we think we are getting somewhere. 🙂



*Here, we have more images.



The key is to get proper object space vector displacement map.

Here is a good tip: Auto bump option in Arnold setting may cause some issues.

with_autobump#Auto bump on.

no_autobump#Auto bump off

Eldan rig update

Finalizing the main character Eldan’s rig.






It features:

  • Full IK/FK control for arms and legs.
  • Spline IK with stretchy feature for torso.
  • Custom weaponry rig with snap feature.(hand <-> weapon)
  • Advanced twist control for wrist and shoulder.
  • Combination of Blendshape and joint based system for face rig.
  • Custom attributes for better animator’s life.
  • Properly oriented joint chains. (Yes, basic, but important.)